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The Importance of Consistency with Children's Nutritional Habits

The Importance of Consistency with Children's Nutritional Habits
June 24, 2020
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Unfortunately, healthy eating is not a reality for most Canadian children. Fruits and vegetables are a rarity, while cookies, desserts, chips and other unhealthy snacks are not! We need to balance out their meals with lean proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates to ensure a healthy lifestyle which will carry them through their adult years. Children live what they learn and "constants" will begin to form proper eating habits.

We are all human and require consistency in our daily lives. As adults, if one of our consistencies changes it actually changes our day. For example, if our train/bus is late, it makes us late. We learn how to adjust our days when a situation happens, this has become learned behavior. For children, learning consistency is much more important, but, as many parents know, being consistent is the hardest thing of all. When either time or tiredness comes into play, things are allowed to be 'let go.'

Children are constantly learning, whether its math, geography, learning a new sport, or...about proper nutritional habits! The way they learn is through a process, known as repetition and rehearsal. If they learn that if they eat carrots, which will make their eyesight better and they will get vitamins and minerals also, soon they will be requesting them because they know they will be helping their bodies. They will then begin to ask about other foods and relate each to having a healthy life. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, means to a child that, maybe I won't catch the flu or a cold, and will be able to play with my friends! They soon build on that knowledge.

Inconsistency produces anxiety, which in turn can cause aggression and hostility. As parents, its easy to get off track. Some of these parents don't really understand how important consistency is. Once given the tools, they can teach their children how to internalize the values, knowledge and experiences that will shape proper nutritional habits.

As soon as parents learn that they are not helping their children and actually hurting them with poor nutritional habits, they instantly do their best to change.

Parents need to lead by example and be the change! Children of separated/divorced parents need this consistency to program these nutritional habits early on. It must be an agreed upon, mutual effort, for the sake of the children and also, a healthy lifestyle for them. Approach change with baby steps, and make one change at a time. Increasing the number of vegetables and fruits is a great place to start.

Change, embrace it don't fear it!

Article written by Traci Moor (, Sudden Impact Nutrition,
Copyright 2013, Sudden Impact Nutrition.
Traci is a registered nutritional consulting practioner, certified holistic nutritionist and a certified sports nutrition consultant. She is a member of the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants, in good standing consistently.

She has had a lifelong passion for fitness, nutrition and wellness, it truly has been her way of life. Traci possesses extensive knowledge about nutrition and health, she is very committed to her work and her clients.

A die-hard Leafs fan since the age of 6, hockey is by far her favourite sport, but...we can't hold this against her! She took her love for the game and began coaching ball hockey in 1994. This led to obtaining her different coaching levels up to the Advanced 1 level. She began coaching ice hockey in 1997 and continued until 2005. This final year was with the Burlington Barracudas of the PWHL, as an assistant coach. After coaching, Traci attended numerous U18 camps through the OWHA as an evaluator/scout for the selection process of players at the International Level. Many went on to play for Team Canada. She truly loved participating in this process.

Traci resides in Kitchener, Ontario and has very close family ties. She has a strong need to learn everyday and is currently studying, the Science of Natural Healing and An Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology.
Traci is committed to health and wellness, she looks forward to working with you to help empower you to better understand and take full control of your most precious asset.

" Your health is not an expense, it's an investment"