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Los Angeles School of Gymnastics

Los Angeles School of Gymnastics invites Fair Parenting children to consider gymnastics with free six month membership.

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Expanding Access

Fair Parenting Project Available Across Canada

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State of the Art Smoking Cessation

Save the date: Dr. Lauren Donen and Eric Letts of the Fair Parenting Project are presenting the ongoing progress of getting at-risk children active, integrated and motivated to help avoid developing addictions.

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STEO is providing bus services to all of a child's homes.

The Fair Parenting Project Success Story: The Fair Parenting Project sends big congratulations to STEO for the 2013/2014 implementation of this policy. For Carleton Place families there were no major snags with children with two homes being accommodated.

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Fair Parenting interview on CTV Morning Live

CTV Morning Live explores the Fair Parenting Project.

The Fair Parenting Project

North American communities were designed for children with one home, but more than 1 in 4 children has two homes. The Fair Parenting Project is here to help with research informed action, advocacy and community solutions for children with two homes. Among its initiatives, the Fair Parenting Project promotes a free, universal best practices based parenting plan designed to integrate children with community services and activities. Explore the benefits of the Fair Parenting Plan.